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Episode 8 with Special Guest Charlie Cook

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Charlie Cook

Charlie Cook is the Editor and Publisher of The Cook Political Report, and a political analyst for the National Journal Group. Charlie is also a political analyst for NBC News. In 1984,…

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Barbara Bush

I never met Barbara Bush who died last week at age 92. I did talk to her when she was a calling guest to a program I was doing for…

This Weeks Trumpism

Trump, “in many places, like California, the same person votes many times. They always like to say ‘oh that’s a conspiracy theory.’ Not a conspiracy theory folks. Millions and millions…


United States Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, announced additional sanctions against Russia for its part in the Syrian chemical weapons attack on civilians. She was immediately chastised by Larry Kudlow, Trump’s new economic advisor, who said Haley, “must be confused.” Haley shot right back saying, “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.” The fact is Trump had decided on additional sanctions then changed his mind. In this screwed up White House nobody bothered to tell Haley. So unlike dozens of white guys who have been abused by Trump and said nothing, Haley shot right back at the White House. Good for her!



Attorney General Jeff Sessions- The US Justice Department under Sessions attempted to deny all federal safety grants to sanctuary cities, which refused to cooperate with the Trump Administration’s crackdown on illegal immigrants. The ruling by a three judge panel of the Seventh Circuit (all three judges were Republican appointees) in a case brought by the city of Chicago, the court wrote, “The attorney general in this case used the sword of federal funding to conscript state and local authorities to aid in federal civil immigration enforcement, but the power of the purse rests with the Congress.”

Bob Beckel

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After a successful 25-year stint over the airwaves, Bob Beckel wants more. He has seen the good side of politics, and the very ugly side as well. Throwing jabs and defending the Democrats isn’t good enough anymore. Calling out this administration as well as his side is the name of the game now. Beckel is back and better than ever with his very own and specially tailored podcast!

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Nearly half a century in politics, Bob Beckel is and has the belly of the beast. A veteran in the field, on camera, and on The Hill, Beckel has seen it all. Calling it like he sees it, he has curated a name for himself in more ways than one with his charismatic demeanor and expertise as a pollster. He has appeared on networks such as CNN, Fox News, CBS, and ABC as well as authoring two books, “Common Ground” and his gritty, yet very enticing autobiography, “I Should Be Dead” . Starting his career as the youngest Assistant Deputy Secretary of State and then transitioning into the Carter White House, Beckel gained legislative experience early. In the early 80’s, he ran more than two dozen congressional campaigns, including Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign against Ronald Reagan. As one of the creators of “grass roots organizing”, he started “Bob Beckel & Associates” working closely with members of Congress again before fully moving into the media world in the early 90s.

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